Oh look, the Daily Fail has turned idle casting speculation into a story explaining why women shouldn't be the Doctor.



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    Yes, forever. Because he could never regenerate back into a man and there certainly aren’t DVDs of tens of thousands of...
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    ((…I think the average number of times I said ‘fuck you’ aloud during the reading of this article cannot be less than...
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    I can understand not wanting to cast a female doctor because it would throw off the dynamic (that is actually one of my...
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    Although I mostly don’t agree with them, I can understand some of the arguments against the casting of a woman in the...
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    You are fucking kidding me, Daily Mail. Oh wait, IT’S THE DAILY MAIL. I was about to go to bed cos I have to be up in 6...
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    I guess I can hope that this is satire, though… I really don’t think it is. To weigh in on the topic, I don’t think I...
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    oh my goddd this whole thing is just. godddddddddddd
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    "And what finer example of a man — brave, reflective, with a keen sense of heroic duty — is there than Doctor Who?"...
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    #warning: sexist manwhining #omfg #this is disgusting #this fucker’s more sexist than Moffat by miles #jfc #ewwwwwwww...
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  17. whenyousayrun said: Woooow, that article is ridiculous sexist. So women can never be role models to little boys? But little girls are expected to look up to men? I don’t want a female doctor, but that is because I don’t trust Moffat with one.
  18. feuertrunkenbrax said: The daily mail can go suck it. They were the ones posting that ridiculous claim about racism in Doctor Who. It’s not racism that’s the problem, it’s sexism. Or ignorance. Doesn’t take a genius to see that.
  19. goodmorningvelma said: OMG REBECCA FRONT. Can this please be a thing please?
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