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Hot JAM, everybody loves tea!

Big huggins and happy drinking to folks who’ve recently invested in First Doctor, Charley Pollard, Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, Barbara Wright, Dalek, and Ice Warrior blend teas!

Let’s have a gif party!

You can check out all of my teas here, and if you’re in the UK, I’m doing a big ol’ fandork tea group run!

Sometimes, I wonder if people are only interested in me for my baking.

And then I cheer myself by baking a chocolate babka, because it’s the main reason I like myself too.

My first attempt at baking my grandmother’s Hungarian Easter bread on my own. To say I was nervous would be a major understatement! But they came out beautifully, and I was so relieved I almost wept.



Watson the goatlet, day 3. 




Christopher Eccleston on the relationship between the Doctor and his companions

"Not very bright"

I just…

Just as a random selection of ‘what the hell, were we even watching the same show?!’

Stop pretending all classic ladies were useless and did nothing but scream and get captured and be a bit dim. Even the ones who weren’t academically talented like these ladies, were still super bright, intuitive and badass.

Yeah, I like Ecceston’s Doctor a lot. But Eccleston himself doesn’t actually know or understand Doctor Who very much at all, not its history and characters or what the classic show was about. He mostly just knows the tarnished public image. His job in interviews like this was to talk up the rebooted show, and defining it as better than the old was seen as a really good way of doing that. So I really hope no one takes his indictment as gospel because he is wrong.

Every time someone talks nonsense about classic female companions being dim and useless in interviews, my rage grows a little stronger.

But every time someone easily compiles a list of a million reasons why classic female companions were actually brilliant people in their own right, an angel gets its wings.




Imagine the Brigadier arriving at UNIT HQ one day to discover that all of his employees are sporting false mustaches.


Jo, sporting a particularly grand sandy mustache, greets the Brig with a cheery “Good morning!” The Brig barely has time to shake his head at her when he hears the sound of a scuffle and sees Benton and Yates attempting to force a particularly silly silver ‘stache onto the upper lip of an unwilling Doctor.

You know this had to have happened.

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